Our range of services is designed to take care of all your labour requirements, leaving you free to concentrate on the demands of the contract.

We offer a totally flexible labour supply, enabling you to select exactly the trades and professions you require, when you need them, to suit the requirements of your contract. We appreciate flexibility is key and aim to provide a fast response to your needs, enabling you to meet the labour demands of your contract with total confidence.

No problem looking after your staff while they’re on site, we’ll do it all for you, taking care of all aspects of labour management, including on-site visits and administration to ensure all is running smoothly, so you can concentrate on looking after the site.

We’ll take care of the payroll too, handling all the PAYE, wages and NI, so you don’t need to think about it. Everything is handled via our centralised account management system, which is fast, efficient and accurate, ensuring staff get paid on a regular basis and you handle everything with one weekly invoice.

We also keep up to date with latest legislation and employment law, ensuring we comply in everything that we do, enabling you to use our services with complete peace of mind, without having to worry about ever-changing requirements.